SkyConnect - Vacation Rental Customer Tracking System

skyconnect logoCustomer Relationship Management System that stores every email, chat and phone call interaction you have with your guests and prospects.

thumb DSC03745Sylvia in SkyRun's Reservation Call Center takes a call from a prospective guest which is automatically stored on SkyConnect

Excelling in Vacation Rental reservations requires three things:

  1. Booking Repeat Guests
  2. Having good data about which of your marketing channels is being effective.
  3. Maximizing your close rate for acquiring New Guests

SkyConnect© from SkyRun helps you improve all of these areas.  SkyConnect brings the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that big travel agencies and travel wholesalers use to the Vacation Rental Property Manager.

SkyConnect was developed specifically for the unique needs of a Vacation Rental call-center.  The Rent-By-Owner (RBO) trend in today's marketplace for Vacation Rentals has guests becoming MORE used to talking with a live person before booking to make sure their rental meets their needs and to negotiate.

thumb DSC03772Sheri reviews previous client points of touch on a separate monitor which automatically pops up with information about the incoming caller.

Today all shoppers are online-lookers, but counter-intuitively, there are fewer online-bookers.  In an environment where it used to take one phone call to close 10 reservations and now takes 10 phone calls to close one reservation that's a 100x increase in labor costs for the professional property manager!  This means that the professional property manager has to be smarter about how to best provide the high level of customer service that continues to set  professional Property Managers apart.

The concept of SkyConnect is simple.  Capture every guest point of touch, whether that point of touch is by incoming or outgoing eMail, incoming or outgoing phone calls or online chat.

When you have complete information about every customer interaction, setting up sales follow-up, creating campaigns to call past guests and measuring marketing and sales productivity all fall into place.

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