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Prepared on: Apr 22, 2024

Thanks for your interest in our rental program! We have used our 14 years of past rental experience based on over 900 properties from studios to 7 bedroom homes rented by over 150,000 past guests to complete this estimate. This is our best estimate of what income we would be able to generate for you on your property given the information provided using our actual past rental data.

Annual Gross Rental Income Estimate:


SkyRun Commission:

Annual Income to you with SkyRun: {srms_income_projections_new___annual_income}
Annual Income with {srms_income_projections_new___comp_commission} commission property manager: {srms_income_projections_new___annual_income_with_other_pm}

Note that this estimate is based on full-time rental availability. This means owner use only when the property is not otherwise rented, or only blocked out reservations on occasions during non-peak times. We realize of course that every owner uses their property differently. But if you use your property during peak rental times, or for a great many nights, or block out weekends leaving only weekdays open as some examples, your estimate should be adjusted accordingly.

It's impossible to give an accurate estimate without seeing the property in person, so we may be able to get MORE INCOME than this estimate or less based on a professional on-site evaluation of the condition and rentability of the property. We would welcome the opportunity to refine this estimate with a no-cost no-obligation visit to your property and give you tips on how to improve your rentability if applicable. Please contact me if you would like a more accurate estimate.

This is provided as a high level estimate only and doesn't imply a guarantee of income.

This estimate is based on the following input from you:

Property Type {srms_income_projections_new___type}
Bedrooms  {srms_income_projections_new___num_bedrooms}
Bathrooms {srms_income_projections_new___num_baths}
Location Value (from 0 to 100 with 50 being average in your area) {srms_income_projections_new___location} : 100
Quality of Property (from 0 to 100 with 50 being average in your area) {srms_income_projections_new___quality} : 100
Property Amenities/Significant Extras Chosen {srms_income_projections_new___extras}
Other notes (notes are not factored into estimate) {srms_income_projections_new___notes}
Considering Self-management? (also not factored into estimate) {srms_income_projections_new___self_manage}
Contact Info {srms_income_projections_new___email} - {srms_income_projections_new___phone}
Detailed Estimate Requested? {srms_income_projections_new___detailed_estimate}
How did you hear about SkyRun? {srms_income_projections_new___how_hear}

Thank you again for your interest in SkyRun Vacation Rentals! We hope you find this estimate to be valuable as you consider your options for maximizing your income and enjoyment of your vacation home.

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