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Time Away From Home Matters to Health and Happiness

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Time away from home matters to health and happiness, and using those precious vacation days to take that dream vacation is more essential than ever! According to VRMA, “...workers who use their time off to travel, see a 22 percent jump in happiness with their health compared to those who use their days off at home (61% to 39%).” There are no right or wrong ways to use vacation days, but in light of the 36th National Travel and Tourism Week, here are some suggestions to make the most of every moment.

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Relax and Unwind

After a vacation away from home, you feel rested and recharged. Not only does this help clear things in your personal life, but it also helps focus thoughts of your work. Becoming too involved in a difficult work project can result in frustration while stepping away allows time to relax and unwind. Whether you are walking through a Colorado forest in Breckenridge, enthralled by the warm Texas winds of Canyon Lake, or mesmerized by the breaking waves alongside Emerald Coast; providing a chance for the mind to clear can ignite a fresh new perspective for your work projects.

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New Experiences
Traveling to new locations gives you the opportunity to participate in new experiences. Perhaps it’s paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, eating Barbeque in Wimberly, or skiing in Park City; a new experience allows your mind to work in ways it never has before. When you take the time to step outside of your comfort zone, your brain becomes intrigued by activating new neurological pathways. This can translate into positive emotions and act as fuel towards seeking out new experiences.

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What is Your RealAge?
Traveling can rekindle your passions and feed your soul, making you feel younger than you are. A vacation may make you feel this way because you skied a double-black diamond run or remembered how much you enjoy watching the passing river. Maybe you’re stuck on the contrary and are looking for a way to feel younger. If this is the case, try taking a quick age test to evaluate any changes and get a better idea of your mental age. Should your results be lower than you want, booking a flight to Riviera Maya or buying lift tickets in Keystone are great ways to get you back on track.

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Make it Happen!
Time away from home matters to health and happiness. Spending days away from the office matters to your wellbeing. Vacationing in new destinations is a way for you to reset and unwind, engage in new experiences, feel younger, and improve your health and happiness. You earned your vacation days, so don’t add to the 705 million unused vacation days in America, book a SkyRun Vacation Rental, and start enjoying life!
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