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Snow Has Started Falling; Let's Start Booking.

jeremy hiking nohku crags

Finally, winter is here and the skiing has begun in Colorado! As of today, there are 16 open ski resorts in Colorado, making it time to pull out equipment and book your SkyRun vacation home at your favorite ski resort. To show my gratitude and excitement, I'd like to share with you a ski trip to the mountains of northern Colorado.

nohku crags

When I got to the parking lot at 7:30pm, it was dark and thick snow was chaotically gusting from the blizzard that consumed the pass. Before I knew it, my buddy had pulled into the same lot. We geared up, flicked our headlamps on, and headed into the heart of the storm.

The next morning, we awoke to crisp blue skies and snow-covered trees. Soon after, we were gliding through a spruce and fir filled forest like a pack of wolves following one another in singularity. Step by step, compressing fresh snow as we gained elevation. After an hour of zigging and zagging up a mountain to the south-west of the hut, we had gained the ridge and made our decision to head north. We ascended not only the safer route among the forest trees, but the route that ensured deep turns down the light, fluffy white gold that had drenched the lands the night before. Think I've already started counting my best days of the season ;)

mikes hero shot

Once down on the valley floor, we headed east towards Option A. Option A was a line we had scouted from the top of the last run. One of the many slivers of snow slicing their way through the spectacular towers of the crags.

hiking up

It wasn't long before our skins were off, skis were on our packs, and we were marching up towards the once sliver of snow. As we stormed the castle and climbed upward, Option A began to reveal itself. It was a vast couloir with magnificent rock walls emitting a passage of a righteous mountain.

tim hiking up

At last, the myriad of steps composed of snow and rock ended and it was time to put the skis back under our legs to let them do what they do best. Like squirrels scampering around trees chasing each other, we cascaded down Option A and made our way back to the hut while the pink aura of an Alpen Glow began to envelop the looming peaks of the divide.

mike skiing down option a

As all good things must come to an end, the next day, we awoke to the final day of our trip. We cleaned the hut, packed up, and headed north back down the valley for which we previously came. At a certain point, we stopped, switched to our skiing packs, and left our camping packs behind. Now heading south-east contouring around a northern ridge and ascending into the eastern cathedral of the Nohku Crags.

nohku crags eastside

The eastern cathedral delivered divine views of snow-capped granitic giants with a mesmerizing sun illuminating their fin-like ridges above. At this point, the group split into two. My group came to a possible ski option we had successfully skied in previous years and assessed the conditions. With an agreeance between the two of us, we repeated the method we employed upon Option A.

mike hiking up

Only this time; we were on the leeward side of the slope making the snowpack far more in-depth and the effort arduous. Soon enough, it was once again time to let our legs do what they do best. We slashed powdery turns, leap-frogging one another as we descended to the cathedral floor below.

underage couloir

The time spent with the Nohku Crags was something special, and a time I'll never forget. I always become exhilarated with the reassurance that winter is here and I can begin planning my weekends or vacations around ski trips. I also find it reassuring that SkyRun Vacation Rentals has the perfect ski-in ski-out or downtown properties in the best ski towns in the world. Check out the 5 Steps To A Successful Ski Trip! blog and book your ski vacation rental now!

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