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The SkyCard: SkyRun's Exclusive Discounted Activity Program

The SkyRun SkyCard is an exclusive program. It provides free or discounted activities and amenities for your group's enjoyment to enhance the local experience. Depending on the location, we've presented a customized list of activities and perks for you to choose from during your vacation.

The SkyRun locations know the best restaurants and coffee shops, where you’ll find a delightful rental experience, which spa will make you happiest, or how to pursue the local secrets of the town all for free or at a discounted rate! Remember, they live there, and the activities were chosen with a Local Touch for Local Fun.

The program is as simple as visiting your SkyRun location’s website, clicking on the SkyCard page (what you see above), choosing what you’d like to do that day (fun day in the town?), participate, and choose another! We all know the daunting question that no one ever wants to answer: what should we eat for dinner? Well, the SkyCard gives you answers to such questions.

Here are a few SkyCard activities to give you a sense of it all:

The SkyCard is here for you. We want you to use it. Enjoy :)

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Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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