About SkyRun

frisco officeSkyRun Vacation Rentals was started by Barry Cox and Steve Falk in 2004 to bring their combined 40 years of expertise in business development, web design, web application development, marketing and sales to bear on the vacation rental property management industry.  Both Barry and Steve owned vacation rental properties which they self-rented and saw the opportunity to bring today's internet marketing and productivity techniques to a vacation rental industry that largely was stuck in the 80's relying mostly on returning guests and more traditional sales channels.

After 6 years of operating and adding vacation rental locations and developing our own systems, Steve now owns and operates 2 SkyRun locations (SkyRun Keystone and SkyRun Steamboat Springs) and Barry is CEO of SkyRun Vacation Rental Services. 

SkyRun Vacation Rental Services offers the overall SkyRun Vacation Rentals brand, franchises, software and services to vacation rental companies (SkyRun locations and others).   Essentially, we offer the software and services developed from scratch for the vacation rental marketplace that have made us successful.  We offer our software and services in 2 ways.  1) traditional software and services for purchase running your own vacation rental company or 2) Included with a SkyRun Franchised location where you own and operate a SkyRun Vacation Rental location using our systems and branding and sales network.  The choice is yours.

About SkyRun's CEO:
barrypicBarry Cox - Barry founded SkyRun Vacation Rental Services after a 22 year carrer with IBM in both IBM's Global Services and Software divisions.  Most recently, Barry managed a global consulting team of 140 consultants serving large clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas building web portals and systems.  Barry started Property Management in 2004 by co-founding SkyRun Vacation Rentals and also owns 2 vacation properties in Keystone Colorado of his own.

Barry has a unique blend of expertise in executive management, business development and sales management, but also can design systems and even roll his sleeves up and 'write code' to directly implement the management ideas, programs and processes that he conceives.  SkyRun's systems are the result of Barry's unique blend of experience on both the 'business' and 'i/t' side of things.  Barry's 22 years of IBM experience, blended with 7 years of experience as an entreprenuer running and developing systems for his own property management business provides a set of expertise unmatched in the property management industry.

Barry lives in the Colorado Mountains west of Boulder, CO with his wife and teenaged children and enjoys alpine and cross country skiing (alot), mountain biking and hiking and picking the banjo when he's not working.

You can reach Barry by calling 877-SKYRUN-1 and saying 'Barry', or by clicking here to email.