What is it?

Leverage our shared reservation call center service to maximize your reservations while reducing your cost/reservation.

frisco officeSkyRun's Vacation Rental Reservation Center
in Frisco Colorado

Is your reservation function performing at it's peak?  Do you answer your reservation calls and emails 7 days/wk, 12 hours/day?  When you answer, are you at a computer ready to take the booking or are you in the middle of handling other guest services functions?  Do you have an online chat service that is always monitored?

Guests are booking properties in your location all day, every day.  If you're not there to respond to their chat, email or phone call you are loosing sales to someone who is.

At SkyRun's Vacation Rentals Reservation Call Center, professionally trained staff take reservations for multiple resort destinations using state of the art call center hardware/phones and software.  This type of a setup would be very hard and expensive to replicate for an individual property manager, but even if you invested in that, the cost to have someone sitting there waiting for the phone to ring and being able to instantly respond 12 hours/day, 7 days/week including holidays would certainly be cost prohibitive.

A professional Call Center focused on YOUR Vacation Rentals

Our call center staff is equipped for success:

  • Polycom 3-line IP phones with HD Voicetm
  • Professional quality 2-speaker headsets to insure maximum voice quality with limited distractions.
  • A full professional PBX system to allow transfers, queueing with position announcement and custom music on hold (or even optional streaming local radio)
  • Dual Monitors.  One large one for email, chats and your website and a 2nd monitor dedicated to our exclusive SkyConnect CRM system
  • SkyConnect CRM (customer relationship management) software that tracks every guest contact point, automatically dials out and 'screen pops' incoming calls so that all past and current guest information is at their fingertips.
  • All in a nice working environment in the mountains of Colorado that is definitely far from a 'cubicle farm'.

The Call Process

thumb DSC03772Sheri reviews previous client points of touch on a separate monitor which automatically pops up with information about the incoming caller.

When a caller places a call to your current phone system, you simply forward that call to a local phone number that we'll set up for you and the guest seamlessly comes into the SkyRun call center queue.  Important information like you're property management company name instantly shows up on the phone's large LCD screen and we answer the phone 'Bob's Beach Rentals, this is Sheri, how may I help you?' or however you would like for us to answer the phone.  The callers information also 'screen pops' onto the separate computer monitor so that we can see all past information about the guest. 


  • Have they stayed with us before? 
  • Do they have a current booking?
  • Did they call yesterday?
  • What properties are they considering?
  • Who did they talk to before?
  • Have we emailed or chatted with them?
  • Were any quotes given?

...the answers to all of these questions can be reviewed by the trained rep as they speak with the guest which lets the guest know that you respect their time by 'remembering' their needs so that they don't have to re-explain them.

During the conversation, the rep trys to book the property which they enter on your reservation system just as your staff would, or answers the guest's questions.  We don't just handle bookings, we handle all guest services up until the day of arrival.  So if the guest wants to change their reservation, or needs another copy of their arrival instructions or needs directions or has a question about where the best sushi restaurant is and if they need reservations in advance, the SkyRun call centers handles it 7 days/wk.

The SkyRun On-boarding Process

In order to book effectively, our reps have to know your properties as well as you do.  Therefore a vital part of the SkyRun on-boarding process is a 'location visit' where we send one or more of our reps and managers to your location to stay for 3 days (usually during absolute off-season).  They stay in one of your properties and tour every property you have as well as spending time in the area doing what guests would do and sampling local dining options and meeting your local partners for equipment rental etc.  We also meet with housekeeping and understand the details of your process. 

Overkill?  maybe... but we think this level of knowledge is vital to us being able to act as your representative to your guests.  Prior to the location visit, we prepare by reviewing every aspect of your website on our own, and then you can show us details and answer questions when we're on-site.  It's a rigorous 3 days, but mandatory for us to on-board a new client.

Management Reporting

You have your own logon to the SkyConnect CRM system where you can review our call center stats and reservation volumes.  You can also see all of the data on how we are interacting with your clients to provide us guidance for how you would like the process to go.  Finally and most importantly, all data is YOURS EXCLUSIVELY.  We don't have the rights to use any of the data we're collecting about your guests and you have full rights to download it or use it on our systems for your own email campaigns or analysis.

Paying for Success

With the SkyRun offering YOU CAN STILL TAKE RESERVATIONS along-side us!  Within some ground rules, the phone can ring you AND us at the same time and whoever gets the call can make the reservation.  You only pay us for reservations we take.  We're incentivized to pick up quick and close the booking and you can cut your costs by having staff still do reservations if there isn't anything else to do during a slow period.

Why Colorado?

Our reps live and work in a family resort environment.  Many have worked for the resorts and other hotels and vacation rental companies and know the resort and hospitality customer and market.  They're skiiers, hikers, bikers and golfers and have all traveled extensively with their families so they can easily relate to the type of guests you have and understand their needs.  Summit County Colorado is home to 5 different world-class ski resorts all within 15 mins of the central town of Frisco (where our call center is located).  Living and staying in the resorts is expensive, however in the 'locals' towns of Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne and Wildernest, there is a large pool of extremely qualified and educated hospitality professionals that live here for the lifestyle of working hard and playing hard.  It's impossible to replcate that 'resort lifestyle' with a rep that hasn't travelled and can't relate to the guest.  Being in Colorado provides a great mix of reasonable labor costs and talented staff that will represent your business and take care of your guests in the same way that you would yourself.

Next Steps

Call us at 877-SKYRUN-1 and say 'Barry'

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