What is it?

logo_phone_systemThe VOIP Phone System designed for the vacation rental industry.

A Vacation Rental company needs a reliable phone system to manage customer phone calls 24x7.  SkyCall is a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) phone system designed for the vacation rental market as a stand alone phone system or for integration into SkyConnect and SkyTrax for a complete vacation rental management communications system.

For the price that phone companies charge for individual phone lines and no central PBX system, you can have a complete PBX system with features like:

  • A customized IVR / Auto-attendant to route callers by voice depending on the time of day and their needs.
  • vacation rental voip phone systemWidest range of phone choices starting with Internet-connected commercial grade IP phones with wireless and wired professional-grade headphones from manufacturers like Polycom or Cisco supporting advanced transfer and call-holding features.   To protect your investement though, a regular phone or cell phones are also supported.
  • Professional call queues where if all of your agents are busy, callers hear how many people are ahead of them and estimated hold times.
  • When callers call in, you can see what they dialed to get there on the phone (so whether it's a reservation or guest services call, and which property or location if you have multple locations) so that you know why they're calling before you pick up and can answer (or let it go to voicemail) as appropriate.
  • Can respect yours and your staff's after-hour times by setting up on-call phones after making sure it's an actual emergency and offering to take a message if it can wait until morning.
  • Voicemail with voicemails optionally emailed to you.
  • Multiple numbers (toll free or any area code) can start your caller into any part of your IVR menu system.
  • Ring groups where you can dial multiple lines in AND OUTSIDE of the phone system simultaneously, or in order.
  • Optional Voice Recognition where you can have your guests say 'guest services' or 'reservations' or staff names for better and safer customer service with smart or car phones where you don't have to take down the phone and use the keypad.

And vacation rental oriented features like:

  • Cleaning and maintenance dail-in number where they can update the unit status by entering the unit number on the keypad when the unit is cleaned or inspected or report maintenance all from their cell phone.
  • Calls guests when their unit is ready.
  • Set up guest wake-up calls to call a cell phone or the property phone at a set time.
  • When used with SkyConnect CRM: Outbound auto-dialing or inbound 'screen pop' like major call centers where the callers information is retrieved and shown on the screen when the phone rings!

A PBX can be very difficult to set up adding extentions, designing your IVR menus and establishing your voice prompts (called your 'dial plan').  With SkyCall, WE program your dial plan for you and make changes for you as you add new extensions and functions using our graphical layout tool to work with you to design your IVR interactively with you and change it as your needs change.

phone system vdp example

Built especially for Vacation Rentals

SkyCall was built from the ground up by a vacation rental management company for use in our call center.  So for a cost similar to generic competitors, you can have a Vacation Rental Phone System.

What makes SkyCall particularly suited for vacation rentals?

  • The biggest reason is we know the vacation rental business because it's our business and know how to set up the PBX to maximize your satisfaction and more importantly your guest's and owner's satisfaction.  Even the voice-talent that we use (optional additional charge) is the owner and renter of vacation rentals!  That experience comes through and is 'free' with every SkyCall system.
  • Wake up Call Module - basic included for free, custom version available.  Set up automatic wake up calls with a pre-recorded message to your guests (or any phone number).  Can be customized to integrate to your PMS for a fee.
  • Guest Calling Module - This custom-built module allows the automated calling of your guests for many reasons you may think of.  Some examples are: call your guests the day before their arrival with a recorded message welcoming them and asking if they need directions or instructions (which they can press 1 to get).  You could call your guests the day before departure reminding them of check out time.  You could call your guests each day (if they opt. in) to give them a recorded weather report, tide report, ski report or things to do that day.  Many other applications...
  • Guest Texting Module - Similar to the guest calling module, except you text them your message which may be much less interruptive to guests.
  • Housekeeping/Maintenance system update - From the unit, in seconds and without language barriers, your Housekeeping or Maintenance staff can call a special phone number, type the unit number and indicate the status of the unit (clean, inspected, guest still in room, clean, but needs maintenance) on the keypad which updates your systems dynamically.  Used with Guest calling module, can even automatically call guests when their room is inspected for an early check-in!

Want a demonstration? 

Call the SkyRun reservations center at 877-SKYRUN-1 (or 970-660-4422) for the main menu or 970-300-1811 to dial directly into a location (Keystone).  From there, you can say 'barry' to be connected to me, or 'reservations' to be connected to the skyrun rental center.   If you go all the way to getting connected, just tell them you're considering the SkyCall system and was giving yourself a demonstration (and leave your name and contact information ;-)

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